Music in the Park starts June 6th!

July 6th: Auntie Kate & the Uncles of Funk

July 13th: Bill Johnson Blues Band

July 20th: Crikey Mor

July 27th: Pony Club

Aug 3rd: Dirty Mountain Band

Aug 10: Uncle Wiggly's Hot Shoes Band

Aug 17th: Shaky Ground

Picnic dinner packed: check!

Chairs/blanket packed: check!

$5.00 for 50/50 tix: check!

See you in the park!

Who we are:

The Brentwood Bay Community Association is a non-profit society formed over 18 years ago by a group of residents and volunteers. We formed to create events in Brentwood Bay, celebrate community, and have some fun. We have no political agenda, and are non-partisan. We are very grateful to the individuals and businesses that have supported us through the years. Please check our sponsor page to see the full list.


In the spring of 2015 we voted to change our name from the Brentwood Bay Revitalization Committee. We feel that our new name better reflects our goals and values.

The Brentwood Bay Community Association Constitution:
To maintain a strong sense of community in Brentwood Bay
To encourage events and activities that foster this sense of community
To respect the separate identity and culture of the First Nations, and to work on common goals
To protect, maintain, and enhance our environment and community so as to be sustainable for the future